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Let me help you upgrade your creative business using my step by step easy to follow instructions with quick results that enable you to create gorgeous custom colors for your art, resin, and furniture.

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"Taking a workshop with Amy is a must! Her knowledge of making complete custom mixes is something everyone needs in resin work. When I took her class, seeing the endless possibilities of mixology was absolutely amazing. If you are wanting a secret weapon to keep your clients coming back & your work always fresh and unique, then take her class!!"

Workshop Student

"I absolutely love everything about this group! I have learned so much from the acrylic pours to using micas to tie dye with. There isn't anything I haven't enjoyed. I also love the guest speakers you bring in to teach us. You are an amazing teacher Amy and I love being in your space!"

Mixology Member

"I love seeing the color creations. Some of the most beautiful creations ever!"

Mixology Member

"I love finding all the different and unique techniques used to create art pieces and the Lives inspire me to try new things!"

Mixology Member

"The “Club House” is my escape place. I get to see everyones reactions comments and the excitement from using the teaching you provide. It is a very positive environment for learning and helping one another to grow!!"

Mixology Member

"I love the tutorials and encouraging us to give it a try. I really like the back and forth teasing about big and little spoons. That back and forth makes me feel valued and respected. It’s a small thing, but important to me."

Mixology Member

"Woah... well this is tricky as there is a lot to love! Mica mixology was one of the best investments I have ever made. You get a personal teacher who will help provide the tools to take your business or hobby to the next level. From creating custom colors to ensuring you can use your ccdiy products to their full potential. Plus everyone in here is supportive and helpful towards each other."

Mixology Member

"I love going to the club house and learn new things and techniques. You help and encourage us to try new things. Even though they sound scary or challenging. Big spoons are not to be afraid of and I’ve learned a lot in the past few months I’ve been a member 😁"

Mixology Member

"I love how it has given me the courage to try new things and add new products to my business!"

Mixology Member

"This is the most versatile, informing and helpful to get out of your box group I have ever been in! I don’t often make the lives but I do watch the replays. I have learned so much from this group!! Such a great eclectic group of guest instructors and people in this group and of course Amy is great to watch!! She is so informative and easy to learn from like that sweet teacher you always loved in school!"

Mixology Member

"I love all the amazing things I have learned in here! I love that I am learning new things and stepping outside the box to try things I wouldn't have normally done!"

Mixology Member

"I never really mix paints together to come up with different shades and now I’m mixing paints Micas whatever just mixing everything up coming up with new colors it’s great. I love the club house Atmosphere and Amy makes everything so fun enjoyable and challenging."

Mixology Member

"First and fore most, a community that I can be myself in. This group has pushed me to try new things and I’m inspired by everyone’s work. Thank you for everything you do! I look forward to and need my Thursday nights. It’s not just about mixing but the girl time and laughs!"

Mixology Member

About Me

Hello! I am Amy Sadler, owner of Chateau Chic. I am an online creative business and the coach behind The Chateau Chic Mica Mixology Club. I have been helping women revamp their homes and create custom spaces they love to be in for many years and now I am teaching creative business owners how to create their own custom work to set themselves apart in the online space. Would you like to learn how to create one of a kind resin art and paint finishes? I offer tutorials, a monthly membership and host paint and resin classes.

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